How escape rooms enhance cognitive development in children

“The Hidden Hour” is a themed escape room experience where teams of people must work together to escape the mystery room within an hour. The themes are based on different scenarios and locations, providing a thrilling mystery room adventure. The team must work together to find clues and solve puzzles and riddles to succeed in escaping the setup. Encouraging problem-solving skills, good memory, and teamwork is vital to a child’s brain development, and here’s how Hidden Hour can help your child do just that.


Parenting is a task whose degree of difficulty changes as the children grow up. One important skill that can minimize difficulty is problem-solving, especially for children ages 8-12, as their brains change and they learn to adapt to unfamiliar environments (e.g., sleepovers, summer camps, extracurricular activities, etc.). Using escape rooms to enhance this skill and give the child the opportunity to improve their thinking skills leads to better cognition and grades. Creativity is another benefit that can be achieved by finding new and different solutions to the mystery room dilemma at hand. A final area that can be developed is decision-making: The child or adolescent must choose the best and correct answer to the test.



The Hidden Hour can help children to improve their memory. Parents can enjoy better grades on their tests and exams. Youngsters will feel less anxiety and stress as they begin to memorize more in the mystery room. Another benefit that the escape room offers is improved concentration, which is related to memory, as the structure of the game encourages focus on the mysterious situation at hand. The puzzles, riddles, and clues required to complete the mystery room allow children to use their entire brains to develop solutions that exercise the brain and improve memory.


Parenting requires teamwork between children and parents. The hidden hour promotes the teamwork skills that the child will need throughout their life. Some of these skills are self-confidence, listening, bonding, and trust. The confidence of all members of a family or even a group of friends can be developed and strengthened by having all members work together to find a solution in the mystery room. Teams can support each other and thus strengthen self-confidence throughout their escape room experience. To master the escape room’s mysterious scenarios, the ability to comprehend is required. Another skill that can be gained through teamwork is that of reliance. The child learns to rely on the help of others so that they can all escape from the mystery room.


Children and teens who are learning to develop and improve their cognitive skills will discover that The Hidden Hour is a great alternative to typical bookwork. We offer a variety of clues, puzzles, and riddles for those trying to find solutions to the mysterious situations presented in the mystery room. You will also find that school grades will also improve with this type of regular “brain exercise” in the mystery room. These skills will help children throughout their lives and ensure their success in the mystery room adventure.