How The Hidden Hour helps children in sharpening their minds?

It’s time toengage your kids in something exciting and mind-boggling! How boring and monotonous can weekends be if you don’t have anything exciting lined up? To top it,if you have kids at home, you are in for a tough time if you don’t channelize their energy well. Instead of taking them to a mall for shopping, why don’t you give them an exposure to The Hidden Hour – Escape Room where playing is not just fun but a means to sharpen their mind and enhance their team-building skills.

What is The Hidden Hour – Escape Room?

Remember, there used to be a show on Star World by the name of Crystal Maze, where the participants were given numerous challenges in different games and they had to use their skills to solve the puzzles. Escape Room is a challenging activity where numerous clues are lined up depending upon the theme and the participants workto solve each of these and win the game. Now the trick here is that the participants are locked in the room full of mystery and have to be very cautious and careful so that they don’t miss on any details which can make them lose the game. Escape Room is the new age means ofgoing out and having fun while you use your brain extensively.

How does this help in sharpening the mind of children?

We know that kids are full of energy and the diligence with which they look at things is extraordinary. Their power of reasoning is amazing, and their willingness to venture out in an unknown world is matchless. To enhance their skills and give them some more exposure, Escape Room is an option which parents have been looking up to in the past because of the following reasons:

1. Ability to comprehend: Is 2+2 always 4, or is there some another angel to it? Your kids will learn how to connect the dots and comprehend the underlying message from the laid out clues, and thus, theirability to comprehend will increase.

2. Be meticulous: One detail you miss, and you are in a soup! Detailing and exactness are what the game is all about. And when your child is in the Escape Room, he/she willlearn the importance of being particular and attaining perfection.

3. Teamwork: At home, you pamper your child and make him/her feel like a king/queen. Once in the Escape Room, everyone is on the same platform and thus, your child understands the importance of working in a teamand coordinating the efforts well. This too helps in sharpening the mind because at a later stage, when he/she would be required to head a class in the school, the required abilities have already been inculcated.

4. Exercise for the Brain: Solving puzzles is the perfect exercise for the brain, and nothing can beat than making it fun and enjoyable for your child.
An amalgamation of teasers which make the brains work at supersonic speed, makes Escape Room the much sought after option for an engaging and thrilling activity!