How to make your Special events extra special with The Hidden Hour?

 Being different is the need of the hour to make your presence felt in the space you operate. Now, this not only extends to your professional area of operation but in your personal arena too where throwing parties and socializing makes you mark your style statement. Asking your friends to come over for any special occasion like anniversaries or birthdays or arranging an offsite fun meet with the colleagues? This has to bereally special to make an impact on others and for this, choosing The Hidden Hour over other generic places is a smart option one can look up to.

What is The Hidden Hour – Escape Room?

The Hidden Hour – Escape Room is a new generation craze that has given a different dimension to the world of gaming. In this, the participants are locked in the room with a set of clues scattered all over which gives the participants an adrenaline rush and makes them use their analytical skills to decode the clues, solve the mystery and find the way out of the room. This game is time-based,so the people in the room have to be quick and accurate lest they should run out of time and the other team wins.

What makes The Hidden Hour – Escape Room special?

The biggest challenge that the host faces while organizing an event is how to keep everyone involved and what unique can be offered to the guests. When you happen to be in this tactical situation, let everyone experience the fun and enjoyment in Escape Room so that everyone look up to you for all the parties henceforth.

1. Age is no bar: The foremost advantage of Escape Room is that anyone who wants to play and experience something different can do so without any hindrance. Be it a child who is 7 years of age or an adult who is 70 years old, there is no set limit on the age, and you can be a part of the excitement in Escape Room.

2. Keeps everyone involved: Leadership and team-building are learned by all and practiced by a few. Let everyone in your team be given an equal opportunity to participate and lead while in Escape Room hunting for clues and finding the escape route.

3. Unbeaten excitement: In an Escape Room, you will be in contact with a set of known or unknown people for the next one hour, and this thought can drive anyone crazy. You will be on your toes to hunt behind the paintings, bookshelves and the floor to solve the mystery which can give you the key to the exit room. The excitement levels are on an all-time high and the people who have experienced it are the biggest testimony of the fun it offers.

4. Makes you think analytically: The much-proclaimed benefit of being in the Escape Room is that you will be made to think logically and comprehend what the clues are all about.Get transported to the childhood days where you had to solve puzzles and riddles before your competitor to grab the chocolate! The Escape Roomis loaded with umpteen numbers of such puzzles where you will get an ample opportunity to think logically and then proceed.

5. Fun with a difference: Interact with people from different backgrounds; engage in meaningful conversations and work collectively to experience fun on a different parameter, which is beyond merrymaking. Be unique in what you offer to your guests by inviting them to The Hidden Hour for an unmatched experience!