Must do Team Building Activity for every organization - The Hidden Hour

The success of any organization depends on the strength and competencies of its team. The stronger the team members are bonded with each other, the better it is for the overall success of the organization. For this, various life-long coaching sessions are held in corporate-houses to remind everyone of the importance of team and what can be done to be a better team. Theoretically, it might sound to be a picture-perfect situation, but practically when people from different backgrounds and thought processes land on a common platform, clashes are bound to happen. Then creeps in the role of an effective team leader who can navigate everyone through such tricky situations and work towards the benefit of the organization. When bookish knowledge fails to deliver results, try something exciting and enticing to bring everyone together and for this, The Hidden Hour – Escape Room is an excellent alternative one can look up to.

How The Hidden Hour – Escape Rooms enhance team spirit?

If the morale of your team is low, don’t you think you have to give them an extra shot of motivation, which is beyond the four walls of the meeting room? To do that, a day in the Escape Room is a smart way of teaching what you expect. Apart from this, Escape Room helps in enhancing the team spirit because of the following reasons:

1. Better understanding: Formal settings don’t give comfort, which is required by the team members to understand each other well and develop a bond that can be of mutual benefit. In the Escape Room, the informal setting gives ample space and time to the team members to express their views regarding clues and what course of action they must take to put everything together to escape from the room. Once this feeling of understanding and respect for other team members develops, the same gets passed in the workplace too which can help in achieving results.

2. Enhanced communication: Communicating can lead to wonders,  and when you are in an Escape Room, you are left with no other choice but to communicate with other team members to solve the mystery and find your way out of the room. Breaking the ice with new team members or talking your heart out with the others can happen in fractions of seconds because the ultimate goal is to solve and move out. Once the channel of communication is free, there is no looking back.

3. Fellowship and closeness: The team members will understand the importance of working together once they are in the Escape Room. No battle can be fought alone and it is the team that ultimately paves the path for the success and growth of the business. Once the team members realize this, there is nothing that can mar the bright future of the organization. Experience in the Escape Room is a must to bring people together and inculcate the feeling of belongingness and closeness amongst the team members.

4. A platform for SWOT analysis: Every individual has a unique set of Strengths and Weaknesses which are determined by the Opportunities and Threats one faces. Since the skill set is different, so the approach to handle every situation is unique. In an Escape Room, the team members will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses well,  and this can help in solving complex organizational problems later.

Apart from taking your team members out for picnics or offsite meetings, give them a unique experience at The Hidden Hour to get along with others and understand each other well so that everyone works with an unabated spirit of togetherness and companionship.