Next Generation Birthday Celebration at The Hidden Hour

Tired of the old birthday norms? Want something different for your birthday? Ever wanted to entertain your child with the thrill of a real-world scenario. We are always looking out for new ways to celebrate our child’s birthday. Throwing a birthday party for a movie/bowling is so last year. Try a real life escape game for your friends or child’s birthday. Test your problem-solving skills and burn fat at the same time.

Let’s face it, we have all dreamt about diffusing bombs and finding treasures in a magical world. Escape rooms are for both adults and children; they enjoy it equally. Escape games usually last for 60 minutes and are a test of your creativity and problem-solving skills to the max. If you are on the lookout for birthday celebration places in Delhi,  Gurgaon, Noida,  Hyderabad and Pune, The Hidden Hour is the best at offering next-gen entertainment.

A new kind of fun for your child

Parents always try to make their child’s birthday memorable, one that he cherishes for the rest of his life. A next-gen birthday party should be more than entertainment, it should test your inquisition, it should improve your family and friendship bonds. The 60 minutes to escape challenge helps you in finding adventure without leaving the city limits. If you are planning something out of this world for your child’s birthday celebration, head out to The Hidden Hour and explore the mysteries within:

Become A Sherlock & find the hidden treasure before it disappears forever

Put your child in the boots of a treasure hunter in search of bounties in a magical world. The city’s most famous magic show, “The great Indian Tamasha” runs in an old 19th-century building. Many brave detectives entered through its doors in search of the lost treasure, but all their efforts went in vain. It is the last day before the building is seized and treasure is lost forever. He will be the last one to explore the mystery of the magical room. Work together to find the eternal treasure & escape within 60 minutes to claim your reward.

The City needs you. Diffuse the bomb and save the Metro

Terrorists have taken over metro and planted a bomb inside it somewhere. The bomb will blast in 60 minutes. The metro sits above the Delhi airport and a bomb blast will be a huge disaster. You and your child will be a part of the Special Task Force assigned to find the bomb and diffuse it. Locate the bomb by exploring and finding clues inside the tunnel. The bomb is secured with a code, break it to save the metro.

Need a special package?

They have special packages for birthday celebrations which include decorating the place, welcome drink, photography area with exciting props and lots of other things. They will also design your special invitation cards and make this truly special.

And guess what, you get gold medals as well if you are successful in the mission! Moreover, games can be customized on request so you can make it more fun by hiding the perfect gift for birthday boy/girl.

Best Birthday Party place Across India

The Hidden Hour ranks among the best birthday celebration places in Delhi,  Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad and Pune. Our excellent location provides various food, entertainment and shopping options along with the escape room at The Hidden Hour.

Save your time in planning and leave the hard work to them, They will surely make your child’s birthday special and memorable!!!