Real Life Escape Games Game is a new concept in the world of gaming, making waves across the world, topping the activity charts and creating much BUZZ. Come to The Hidden Hour and experience the concept that people are going gaga over!!!! So what are you waiting for??

Get locked in a room, hunt the clues, unravel the mystery, accomplish the mission, ESCAPE and 60 minutes is all you have!!

fun activity How to Play?

Book Your MissionBook Your Mission

Mystery rooms escape mystery room mystery

Arrive 15 Minutes Before The Game

Arrive 15 Minutes Before The Game fun activity gurgaon

Get Locked in “THE HIDDEN HOUR”

Team building Gurgaon

Accomplish Mission and Escape!

Mission Escape

Who Can Play?


Put your gaming skills to test. Experience the thrill and adrenaline rush in the real life escape game! Accept the challenge and create a new record in our crazy rooms full of mystery!


Bored of visiting typical tourist picnic spots, watching movies and window shopping. There’s new fun activity: Real Life Escape Game - an ideal place for birthday party celebrations and family outing.


Looking for something challenging to tickle those thrill cells in your brain and sharpen your mind? Escape from the classrooms and experience the exciting and challenging place full of entertainment.


Thinking about next Corporate team building event, we have unique activity for you! Escape games is a great way to know each other, make your bonds stronger while having fun.


Your safety is of utmost priority to us. Please be assured that the rooms are entirely safe and there is no fear aspect in our rooms. All rooms are continuously monitored by the Game Master. You can leave the room at any point, if you are not comfortable.

We welcome you as you are, no special dresses and nothing to carry along.

We request you to please reach the venue 15 minutes prior to the game. In case you get late, you may have less than 60 minutes for yourself.

Why not.. We have expertise in organizing them. You can book the rooms before hand. However, we suggest that you drop in a mail or call us to receive custom quote.

We recommend a group of 2-10 people in one game

There is no minimum age limit for this game. However 2 adults should accompany kids below 8 years of age.

Games can be booked online by clicking at BOOK NOW or by calling us at 7399100500. You can also book in person.