Mission Black Terror - Agents in Action

FIB has intercepted an email stating that terrorists are planning serial bombing attacks on the World Heritage sites. The secret plan is to blast one World Heritage site every day and create war like situation among various countries thus triggering the Third World War.

You are a team of secret agents MI7 on your most crucial mission to date. You are the last hope to uncover this heinous plot of Black Terror. This is a Do-or-Die Mission.

Game Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Rs. 199 per login

About the Game

This is a 60 minutes online adventure game by India's No. 1 Escape room company The Hidden Hour. Game will be a series of puzzles based on your mission. You will have to solve each level, submit a response and move to the next level. On submitting the correct answer to the final level, your Mission will be accomplished.If you are stuck in the game, then you can take hint/solution to move forward.

You can play the game online from the comfort of your home and have a fun filled time with your friends and family. You will need  a Phone/Tablet/Desktop/Laptop and net connectivity. You will receive details through an email for logging on one system. In case you want to compete with your friends then you can take multiple log-ins.

Are you ready for the mission!