Secret Mansion

It's a nice sunny day and you are relaxing with your family. Bell rings and the postman gives you an anonymous letter titled 'Opportunity of the Lifetime'. You quickly open it and the letter talks about a Secret Mansion in England. It states that the Mansion holds an enormous secret wealth which no one has been able to find till now. You trust your detective instincts and decide to take the next flight to England.

Is this the fortune you were waiting for your entire life. If you get this wealth it will be your dream rag to riches story. Time to go to England and try your luck?

Game Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
Price: Rs. 599 per Team

About the Game

This is a 90 to 120 minutes online adventure game by India's No. 1 Escape room company The Hidden Hour. Secret Mansion is a virtual escape room that is completely online and you can play with your friends located in different locations. You enter the Secret Mansion, explore it and uncover the hidden secrets. This is a highly interactive and immersive game and consists of interesting puzzles inbuilt into the game.

• Play alone, play as a team with your friends, compete with your friends.
• The game duration is 90 to 120 minutes. However, the login details will be valid for 240 minutes after you start the game.
• Within the game there are unlimited hints and solutions which help you in moving forward in case you are stuck at any place.
• You can play on Phone/Tablet/Desktop/Laptop and require net connectivity.

Are you ready to explore the Secret Mansion!

Play alone/team up with your friends

• Purchase a single ticket
• Install Zoom or any other video conference app and invite your friends
• One player will act as the Captain who will share the screen. All the other team members will guide him in the Mansion
• There is no restrictions on number of players. But we advise max 4 players for better coordination and to avoid chaos

Example: If you are a team of 4 people and want to play together as a team, just buy 1 ticket and other team members can join via Zoom.

Compete with your friends

• Purchase multiple tickets depending on the number of players
• Start the game at the same time and see who completes the game in the fastest time
• Player who completes first will be the winner

Example: If you are a group of 3 people competing against each other, buy 3 tickets and challenge each other.