Play Anytime from Anywhere
360 degree view of Santa’s Room
Players’ cursors on your screen

It’s festival time and Santa has packed his gifts and is ready for the delivery. His sleigh is parked outside and the reindeers are ready to start traveling.

Suddenly, he realizes that he has misplaced the addresses and the route map to deliver the parcels. Santa goes into complete panic. He remembers that his Laptop has all the addresses. But his system is locked and clues to open it are lying all over the room.

You and your friends have always loved Santa from your childhood and can’t see him in trouble. You take this tough task of recovering all the addresses and save Christmas. This is an urgent matter! Can you plan this mysterious escape for Santa. Otherwise no one would get presents this year. It’s your chance to be a Saviour!

Game Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
Price: Rs. 999 per Team
Recommended Team Size: 1 to 4

About the Game

An online adventure game by India's No. 1 Escape room company - The Hidden Hour. This is a highly immersive and collaborative online escape room, where the game play is non-linear and non-sequential. Enter the virtual room and help the Santa in his mysterious escape


• Play Anytime from Anywhere
• Everyone logins from their own device
• Explore 360 degree views of Santa’s room
• See your team mates’ cursors on your screen. If an action is made by them, this will also appear on your screen
• Collaborate and solve multiple tasks at the same time
• Unlimited hints
• Works on Phone/Tablet/ Laptop with internet connection